JDB is a powerful database and storage solution using REST technology.

Key features

Database structure

Each level of a database support up to 64bit amount of databases using the 64bit value as a database identifier.
Because JDB is nested, you can add infinite levels of hierarchical databases or storage nodes.


Authentication is performed using JID which include local session support.
MFA is supported by JID.


Each root database contain an Access Control List of users and groups that may access the database and all data within that database.
Permission can be given read-only, read-write with delete and read-write without delete.
A root database can be set to require MFA authentication in order to access it.


All nodes in a JDB cluster are active, meaning JDB is a true active-active solution where all nodes are equal.
Sharding, horizontal scaling, map-reduce or similar can easily be achieved by client software due to the asynchronous and zero-copy technology JDB provides.


The system support the real-time monitoring solution Loke

Usage documentation

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