Peppol accesspoint

The Peppol accesspoint service provides communication between other Peppol accesspoints for electronic invoicing, orders and similiar.
The solution is a part of the jwebapp and jpeppol package. JPeppol is highly optimised and is capable of handling the total traffic volume of the entire Peppol network and all Access point providers in the world on a single server setup.
The service includes a REST API for sending invoices, and delivers invoices through proprietary push systems. It also supports delivering invoices using email.

Peppol software

We have released a limited command line client for testing purposes. The endpoint lookup is hardcoded to SML, so SMK is not supported at the moment.
It is built for 64bit Linux and requires OpenSSL 3.1, MPFR 4.2 and Zlib 1.3

Download Peppol-tool

  1. peppol-tool send <filename> - sends the file to the receiving endpoint as stated in AccountingCustomerParty::Party::EndpointID
  2. peppol-tool lookup <endpoint id> - get information about receiving access point
  3. peppol-tool validate <filename> - validates content without using external sources

The following files must be present in current folder for send: peppol-tool.peppol.pkcs12, peppol-tool.peppol.cacerts.pem and peppol-tool.cacerts.pem
The following file must be present in current folder for lookup and validate: peppol-tool.cacerts.pem

File description