Web sites now get native AVIF support

AVIF is a new image format which is royalty free and is owned by an alliance/consortium rather than a non-neutral commercial company with personal interests.
For HD resolution images one can expect at least 10x reduction in file size compared to plain JPG for the same quality.

Firefox enabled AVIF support by default in version 86. Chrome in version 85.
Apple iOS/Safari webkit added support in their development branch since March 2021, and a public release is expected soon.

If a web browser requests a static jpg image file and reports support for avif via the Accept-header, the JCloud WebCDN webserver will from version 27 check for the presence of an avif-file first.

If the request URI was /image/image01.jpg
WebCDN will check for file /image/image01.jpg.avif and use it instead if it exists. No script/PHP execution is required. All you need to do is to upload your web site images in both formats, or you can convert them on the server using imagemagick.

Browsers not supporting AVIF will get the .jpg file.

Example image below is either 3.1mb JPG or 111kb AVIF depending what your browser supports, but with the same static html code.