Privacy policy

Responsible party

NetClient Services AS (JCloud)
Organisation number 995483254
Inkognitogata 33a
0256 Oslo

JCloud and all data processed by JCloud is under norwegian jurisdiction only and therefore continuously compliant to norwegian law.
Norwegian law is also subject to GDPR.
For more information about norwegian law, please go to


JCloud do not use or access any data for any purpose other than providing it to the user through its cloud services. Some data, such as IP-addresses, error messages and user ID, could temporarily be stored by JClouds monitoring and security system. This is strictly for making sure JClouds services run smoothly and problems can be corrected.
JCloud may also access relevant data in case of support tickets initiated by the user, and security matters that may violate this privacy policy. In breach or potential breach of this policy, the data owner will be notified.

Third parties

JCloud do not grant third parties access to any data unless explicitly granted by the data owner.
JCloud do not use third parties to store data, but may use third parties for data in transit.

Data access

A data owner can access stored data any time using JCloud web portals and APIs from their user account.
Depending on the type of data and service, the data owner can also explicitly grant third parties access to their own data.
In some cases, a service is by its nature meant for anonymous data access by third parties, like web hosting.

Data retention

Data is stored until the owner delete the data or shortly after the service is cancelled. Certain services have pre-defined retention and cannot be deleted by the user for security reasons:

Deleting data before ending retention period is possible by contacting support.