JApploader Videostream

Videostream is a multi-tennant web frontend and streaming solution for live video, audio and image sources like webcams, surveillance cameras/CCTV and other live camera solutions.
Cameras are grouped into categories. Permissions are delegated to users or tokens for each or all categories. Audio permissions can be enabled and disabled.
Token permissions can be used where you dont want the user to login, but just view the cameras directly from an URL.
The web frontend also show status of each camera if it is online or not.
When there are no viewers, Videostream will stop retrieving video data from the source to save bandwidth/5G data quotas.

The system support all common cameras using HTTP, HTTPS and RTSP.
Data is converted to HLS/MP4 streaming format and native HTML5 video which is supported by all browsers. Multiple streams can be viewed at the same time.
Typical video codecs used are H264, HEVC/H265 and AV1.
Image resolution can be up to 16K. Framerates 120 FPS and beyond.

A single server can support more than 1000 cameras and more than 100 000 simultaneous viewers.