JID is a multitennant and interactive authentication, authorization, auditing and notification/alert solution using JRPC over TLS.
The JID client is included in the JLinux package J and its ABI is in C++.
There is also a small web module for JWebapp.
Authentication is achieved when the user authenticates with enough authentication methods that pass the required points set by the service the user is authenticating against.
If the service also requested authorization, permission is achieved the same way. If authorization is not requested, only authentication is performed.
The JID servers use a redundant SQL database to store data, implements JCPA for SMS-sending and reports to Loke real-time monitoring service. A standard installation can typically peak beyond 1000 authentications per second on normal hardware.

Supported authentication types

All authentication types support valid from and valid to dates for auto-expiricy.

Examples of implementations in standard protocols

Conformant security standards

Supported user information

Supported contact/notification methods

Notification is used when alerting the user of suspicious activity, for password reset purposes etc.

Supported auditing fields